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Volume Recruiting – All You Need to Know to Be Victorious

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When recruiters are tasked with filling a high volume of positions, the key to success is having a strategy that delivers quality as well as quantity. All too often high volume recruiting misses the mark, resulting in low retention rates, which exacerbates the challenges of high volume recruiting. When high volume recruiting is not properly executed, not only is it a waste of corporate time and resources, it can damage the employer brand. While the recruiter is handling a high volume of applicants, the candidates are experiencing the hiring process as an individual. It is the responsibility of talent acquisition teams to strike the necessary balance between the demands of corporate hiring and the necessity of delivering a high quality candidate experience.

By striking a balance between volume, speed, and candidate experience, the recruiter can strive to satisfy the demands of managers, applicants, and corporate stakeholders, without sacrificing one for the other. As with other specialized recruiting efforts, high volume recruiting requires a unique strategy for success. Time spent meeting with managers and teams in order to get all contributors aligned, preparing effective communication materials for candidates, and devising a thorough strategy will be time well spent. Disciplined efforts on the front end will pay off in the long term by increasing quality of hires and encouraging better employee retention. In this webinar, we will explore the components of high volume recruiting and how that translates to an effective strategy.

Webinar Takeaways

  • What mix of factors do you need to have for high volume recruitment
  • What is the right mindset for your recruitment team
  • How to get your internal stakeholders ready for high volume recruitment

For an interactive experience with Tim Boerakker and Mike Wolford, join our free webinar, Thursday, November 2, 2017. During this webinar, Tim and Mike will leverage their recruiting experience from a wide range of sectors, from IT to financial institutions, and prepare you to meet the challenge of high volume recruiting.

Who Should Attend: Hiring Managers who work for corporations with high volume recruiting needs. Recruiters and Talent Acquisition professionals facing high volume recruiting demands who don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity.

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Presented by:

Mike Wolford

Mike Wolford has over 10 years of recruiting experience in staffing agency, contract and in house corporate environments. He has worked with such companies as Allstate, Capital One, and National Public Radio. Mike also published a book titled “Becoming the Silver Bullet: Recruiting Strategies for connecting with Top Talent” and How to Find and Land your Dream Job: Insider tips from a Recruiter.” He also founded Recruit Tampa, and he’s currently theStrategic Sourcing Lead at Nielsen. An active member of the recruiting community, Mike has spoken publicly in an effort to help elevate the level of professional skills. Follow him on Twitter @Mike1178, or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Tim Boerakker

Tim Boerakker is the global head of workforce management and recruitment at Ingenico. He has worked for companies like Accenture, McKinsey, ING and many more. Within Ingenico, he is responsible for managing the workforce in several locations including: San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore, Paris and Buenos Aires. He has more than 10 years of corporate and agency (IT) recruitment experience, within tech, financial services and consulting.