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Presented by:

Adam Gordon

Adam Gordon is CEO and co-founder at talent pipeline software start-up Candidate.ID. Previously he was Managing Director at Social Media Search, a Norman Broadbent plc company. Prior to founding Social Media Search, Adam was Marketing Director for a recruitment agency, in recruitment communications with HAVAS and a consultant in the Human Resource Services practice at PwC. He splits his time between London and Glasgow, where he lives with his family and enjoys playing squash.

Alan Fluhrer

A 20 year experienced recruiting director/recruiter, (hey you have to keep your hands dirty in the trenches, right?). Experience in the banking, finance, technology and top secret intelligence industries, and others.

Alan is a strategic thinker who has implemented talent improvement programs and taken new ideas to fruition in recruiting management, social recruiting, process improvement, and was utilizing data analytics before it was trendy.

Alan also manages the, blog. A site for Recruiting/Talent/CFO/CEO to get the latest information and data to help manage and improve Recruiting Managers, and Executives.