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The No-Brainer Way to Keep Your People Happy and Learning

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What is a “no-brainer”? A quick search returns, “Something so obviously appropriate, that it requires no contemplation to decide on.” Well, we’ve got a no-brainer for you!

If you’re an organizational leaders focused on talent development, you’re likely facing tight budgets and limited resources. In that kind of work environment, it can be hard to keep team members happy and on target to reach their objectives. In this webinar, our speaker will share an easy to follow, low-cost strategy designed to help you keep your team engaged and learning.

In this webinar you’ll learn:  

  •      The two biggest factors behind employee happiness
  •      How the work environment impacts brain chemicals
  •      The three steps to keeping people happy (and learning)
  •      How to create habits that accelerate growth

You’ll leave with some practical tools and ideas to help you:

  •      Improve productivity ­ happy team members are more productive
  •      Improve customer satisfaction ­ happy employees equal happy customers
  •      Reduce stress ­ stop trying to put square pegs in round holes
  •      Increase ROI ­  it’s a low-cost investment with a big impact

Join our free webinar on Thursday, November 19 for expert insight and tips into improving the happiness, desire to learn and productivity of your team.

Our speaker, Eric Langley, Sr., will share his extensive experience as an entrepreneur building several teams and businesses, and as a researcher into human behavior and motivational models, to help you think about low-cost ways to improve team growth.

Who should attend? This webinar is for you if you are focused on helping the people on your team reach their full potential. Join us on Thursday, November 19.

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Presented by:

Eric Langley

Eric Langley, Sr. is a proven, lifelong entrepreneur with first hand experience conceptualizing, launching, growing and selling several businesses. Eric blends relationship, business and technical expertise to develop opportunities and solve problems that support his client’s objectives and values. A persuasive self starter he has a passion for learning and growth.

Attending Merrimack College in North Andover Massachusetts Eric majored in computer science and psychology, combining his curiosity about people and technology. More recently Eric has undergone training in human behavioral and motivational models, earning multiple advanced level certificates. Eric continues learning as a member of the Association of Talent Development and Toastmasters International.

Recently founding Abeo (pronounced, “uhbayo”) Eric developed the firm’s Hidden Motivators and Personal Style personality Profiles to help people better understand themselves, and improve professional effectiveness and personal satisfaction. Clients include well known Corporations such as ChickfilA, higher education institutions such as the Kennesaw State University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and a variety of independent coaches and Eric resides in Newport RI with his wife of 32 years, Jane, where they are active members of the arts and sailing communities.

Eric can be reached via: