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The Future of Work: How the Internet Economy is Reshaping Markets for Talent

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We live in a world that relies on more and more connections, one where the internet has accelerated the pace of nearly every task. Most people hired used the internet as part of their job search, with over 91% of those surveyed having visited an online job site in the past year.

Join Indeed as we uncover the ways technology is reshaping the economy and shares seven trends dramatically reshaping the labor market, including:

– How specialized software skills are changing workforce demands

– Online job search patterns in response to labor market trends

– Talent migration patterns that continue to challenge employers


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Presented by:

Aaron Schwartz

As a Strategist with the Indeed Employer Insights Team, Aaron Schwartz pairs platform data with industry trend analysis to share Indeed’s story and bring the value of the company’s programs and solutions to life. Aaron was a distinguished and award winning member of the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland and also served as a Sergeant in the Israel Defense Forces.