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The 5 Recruiting Key Performance Indicators to Set You Up for Recruiting Success

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Today’s HR and recruiting leaders have come a long way from viewing the recruiting function as reactionary or simply support focused – they are key business partners to leadership across their organizations. These recruiters are using data to inform hiring decisions, forecast recruiting outcomes, identify opportunities to optimize the recruiting process, and provide transparency across the organization. In addition, data helps HR leaders prioritize recruiter activity as well as keep the team on track to meet company hiring goals.

However, the HR and recruiting industry has lacked a clear set of recruiting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track over time. In fact, data, reporting, and KPIs can be a difficult language to speak in the recruiting world.

In this webinar, Lauren Ryan, Director of Talent Acquisition at Greenhouse, provides a detailed look into the five recruiting KPIs that Greenhouse uses to track and measure its recruiting success. She’ll also share the reasoning behind choosing these five metrics and how it has helped the company make recruiting a competitive advantage.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the KPIs that measure the performance of your recruiting process
  • Use data to improve the health of your hiring funnel
  • Industry benchmarks so you can see how you measure up
  • Build reports that are meaningful for your C-suite and your recruiting team

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Presented by:

Lauren Ryan

Lauren Ryan is the director of talent acquisition at Greenhouse. She leads recruiting strategy, tracks the company’s recruiting KPIs, and oversees process improvements. She’s thrilled that she’s found a company that’s as passionate about the intersection of people and data as she is!