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Sourcing like a Salesperson – Metrics that Matter for Sourcers

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As sourcers, we don’t often think of ourselves as salespeople. But, following their lead by tracking metrics and being accountable to measurable results can have a real impact on recruiting performance. Using metrics to track progress at every stage from commitment to fulfillment (and to filter out the factors over which you have no control) creates a powerful tool for fine-tuning your approach.

In this webinar, we’ll be taking a look at metrics throughout the sourcing funnel that sourcers can use to track and boost their success.

Our speaker will provide best practices drawn from his experience. In particular, we’ll focus on:

  • What it means to act like a salesperson, and how that impacts recruiting success
  • How to create a funnel and metrics to track and improve performance from commitment to fulfillment
  • What metrics sourcers can use to fully evaluate their own performance, free of factors that are outside of the sourcer’s control


Join our free webinar on Thursday, September 8 to learn how sourcers can make the most of metrics every day.

Our speaker, Evan Herman, will share his experience in business development and sourcing for an expert inside look at the metrics that really matter for sourcers.

Who should attend? This webinar is for sourcers who want to hold themselves accountable to measurable results and use metrics to boost their success. Join us on Thursday, September 8.

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Presented by:

Evan Herman

Evan is a Denver-based independent recruiter and consultant. He joined SourceCon as a contributor in 2015. Evan is passionate about helping recruiters and sourcers improve their craft by adopting tactics of sales professionals and digital marketers. He blogs and tweet on recruiting, career advice, and HRtech. Evan's mission is to help keep the "human" in human capital. You can follow Evan on Twitter @evanfherman to receive daily tips on recruiting, careers, and HRtech.