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Scaling Candidate Engagement

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We all know that high touch recruiting leads to a better candidate experience and a stronger candidate close rate. However, the reality for busy recruiters is that as openings start stacking up and applicant numbers explode, we have to rely on technology to help manage the process. Often that means the high touch approach becomes more aspirational than actual.

But there is a way to retain a more human touch at scale. The key is finding the balance between high touch and technology and implementing solutions that support your existing process rather than taking it over.

This webinar will focus on how to mold technology around high touch, humanized recruiting workflows to make the whole recruiting process a scalable, repeatable experience that benefits candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters.

One size does not fit all when it comes to recruitment, and the webinar will help you think through the best solutions for your company. Among other topics, we’ll discuss:

  •       how to implement recruiting software to support your company culture and processes
  •       best practices for creating scale in a high touch recruiting process
  •       how to ensure your approach creates a positive candidate experience

Join our free webinar on Thursday, September 3 for tips and best practices for blending process, technology and the human touch for scalable candidate engagement.

Our speaker, Jennifer Gere, will share her experience with combining technology with a more human approach for scalable recruitment that draws on the best of both worlds.

Who should attend?  If you’re interested in maintaining a high touch approach with larger groups of applicants, you’ll hear plenty of useful tips and information in this webinar. Join us on Thursday, September 30.


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Presented by:

Jen Gere

Jennifer Gere is the Recruiting Manager for an industry leading international marketing technology company, Epsilon, a division of Alliance Data. With 10 years of experience in Recruiting, Jennifer specializes in Candidate Experience, Recruitment Process and Technology, Reporting, Compliance, Workforce Planning and the Recruitment Support function. Jennifer has experience in the staffing and Corporate environment, managing both High Volume Care Center Recruitment and Professional Corporate Office Recruitment. She has experience starting up offices in new locations both in the US and internationally.

Jennifer is based in Dallas, Texas with her husband Ace and their son Alex. She enjoys spending time with family, exploring Dallas’s craft beer scene, and turning reclaimed materials into furniture and home accent pieces.