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ROI Demystified: Using Data to Maximize Your Talent Attraction Strategy

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While the conversation around metrics-driven recruitment isn’t new, many organizations still struggle with gathering recruiting data and translating numbers into action.

From not knowing which metrics matter, to doing the legwork to define and build internal processes for source tracking and reporting, the work can seem overwhelming.

But it is possible to make smart, data-driven decisions. With the right tools and an understanding of how to measure your inbound and outbound recruiting in a way that reflects your goals, you can create a powerful system that keeps driving your talent attraction strategy forward.

Join us as we uncover strategies to:

  • Reach the right candidates in a competitive labor market
  • Use automated source tracking to get accurate source of hire data
  • Implement a source scoring methodology to easily track performance

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Presented by:

Carmen Bryant

Carmen Bryant is the Director of Employer Insights, Americas at Indeed. She leads a team of Recruitment Evangelists across the country who act as the voice of Indeed at events and meetings, clearly articulating our story and business value for our target audiences. As both a product and customer expert, she also works closely with Indeed’s sales force to help develop effective account specific go-to-market strategies. Prior to Indeed, Carmen led the trends and insights practice for the Content Innovation Agency at NBCUniversal as well as other strategic insights positions at top tier companies. She is a graduate of Harvard University.