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Recruiting Technical Employees – What You Should Know

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Recruiting IT and tech talent is different. Competition is fierce and recruiters may have to figure out how to deal with counteroffers when they’re all fighting over the same local talent. Budget is a perennial issue but IT and Tech recruiters face particular challenges in finding the right talent at a price the company can afford. The last thing you want to do is recruit someone too junior for an important role, with the risk of high profile failure laid at HR’s doorstep.

Add to that the difficulties for recruiters of verifying technical skills – do you use online testing or can you drill down into technical knowledge in a meaningful way? – and you have one highly volatile recruiting situation.

But you’re not alone. In this webinar we’ll take a closer look at the specific challenges for tech recruitment. We’ll examine what IT professionals look for and value when they’re sizing up companies. We’ll also talk about ways to ensure that your recruiting process is compelling to technical candidates and share tips for the selection and interview process.

You’ll leave the webinar knowing more about

  • Why traditional recruiting efforts fail for technical candidates
  • What other companies are doing to attract IT talent (besides free lunch)
  • How to talk about why IT talent should work for your company


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Our speaker, Jennifer Morgan, will share her experience in the sector and some of the best practices she’s picked up along the way.

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Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan has been a recruiter for over 10 years in agency and corporate environments. Her passion is improving processes in recruitment organizations and mentoring others. Her contact details are