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Recruiting Passive Candidates – Farm-To-Table Recruiting Strategies That Work

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When developing a recruitment strategy, one of the top priorities should be to curate a portfolio of passive candidates who can potentially fill key positions in your company. The ongoing debate among recruiters is how much time and resources should be dedicated to passive candidate search and engagement. The benefits of “head hunting” are clear as you focus your time on a small number of highly qualified, experienced, standout candidates rather than wading through numerous applicants who do not meet standards.

Recent data supports the decision to include a passive candidate recruiting strategy. 75% of currently employed professionals are included in the category of “passive candidates.” Conversely, only 60% of companies report having a talent acquisition strategy that targets these highly qualified people. Passive candidates tend to present themselves more accurately during the hiring process, which makes for improved alignment of expectations. In the real world, these people are not lining up to meet with you. They are likely content in their current role so your approach has to be tailored to their needs.

This webinar will help you develop a successful and comprehensive recruiting strategy for all stakeholders. We will cover candidate identification, outreach, and engagement.

Our speaker, Aaron Lintz, will keep things lively by comparing the art of recruiting passive candidates to farming.

Highlights of this webinar will include:

  • Use data to earn buy-in
  • Set goals and expectations early
  • Identify the total viable population
  • Outreach strategy for long-term success
  • Knowing when to harvest
  • Farming is not just for yokels.
  • Climates change, but we adapt

For an entertaining and interactive experience with Aaron Lintz, a recognized expert in the field of talent acquisition, join our free webinar, Wednesday, July 19th, 2017. He will draw from his vast in recruiting, marketing, and technology and deliver best practices and practical advice that will help anyone in talent acquisition, no matter their experience level.

Who should attend? Corporate and 3rd party recruiters with a desire to elevate their talent acquisition strategy from a reactionary function to an ongoing organized system of recruitment that proactively curates a portfolio of top talent, including currently employed passive candidates, with the goal of increasing the quality of new hires.

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Presented by:

Aaron Lintz

Aaron Lintz has architected and implemented ATS systems, recruiting processes and reporting/analytics systems. Aaron is known for innovative sourcing methods, having presented at SourceCon many times, including a keynote session at the Spring 2018 conference. Aaron also serves as an advisor for SourceCon and volunteers his time speaking at many other significant events around the world. Understanding his approach and tactics will be beneficial to all recruiting practitioners and managers.