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Recruiting Generation Z

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There’s a lot of talk about recruiting millenials, but what about the generation that will follow along behind them? The oldest members of Generation Z, those born in the late 1990s, are on the cusp of entering the workforce and they are forecast to be very different from their millenial and Generation X predecessors.

While some assume that Generation Z’s native familiarity with social media and technology means they will be just like the millenials, only more so, many commentators are expecting that Generation Z won’t respond well to the approach that attracts millenials.  Are you ready to retool your recruitment efforts?

This webinar will cover some of the trends and forecasts about Generation Z behavior.  We’ll explore how the changes will likely affect employment and recruitment, in particular

  • What makes Generation “Z” different from Millennials and other generations and why employers need new strategies to recruit them
  • Career priorities and workplace expectations of Generation “Z”
  • Connecting with Generation “Z” – messaging and delivery that resonates

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Our speaker, Raghav Singh, will share his expertise in talent acquisition and his expert perspective on what will be needed to attract and retain Generation Z workers.

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Presented by:

Raghav Singh

Raghav Singh, director of analytics at Korn Ferry Futurestep, has developed and launched multiple software products and held leadership positions at several major recruiting technology vendors. His career has included work as a consultant on enterprise HR systems and as a recruiting and HRIT leader at several Fortune 500 companies. Opinions expressed here are his own.