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Recruiting for Quality of Hire: Measure and Repeat

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 Hiring top performers is vital to driving a business forward. We focus on metrics that tell us how we’re doing in terms of the recruitment process, and there are plenty of metrics talking about time to hire or cost per hire. To be really successful recruiters need to focus on measuring the outcome, what happens once a candidate is hired, as well as the process of hiring.

The speaker will take a look at how we can determine the quality of hires and identify steps to make it easier to repeat wins. The areas we’ll discuss:

  • the questions to ask before and after a candidate is hired
  • what metrics to track before and especially after a hire, and specifically at milestones such as 60, 90, and 120 days
  • understanding the correlations between financial performance and quality of hire measurements

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, October 21 for expert tips on using quality of hire metrics to improve your recruiting process.

Our speaker, Jay Kuhns, will share his expertise with recruiting and HR processes in both for-profit and nonprofit settings and the importance of tracking quality of hire metrics.

Who should attend? If you’re interested in how to monitor and repeat great outcomes around quality of hire, this webinar’s for you. Join us on Wednesday, October 21.
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Presented by:

Jay Kuhns

Jay Kuhns is a "Type A" leader who understands that human resources leadership and talent acquisition is about high energy, creativity, strong personal connections and making changes that push organizations forward. 

He has effectively implemented new social media and HRIS technologies into the HR functions in many organizations, redesigned workflow to maximize efficiency, and helped create pro-employee cultures.