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Quality of Hire – Dispelling the Metrics Myth

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Hiring top performers is vital to driving a business forward and every talent acquisition professional is passionate about finding those top hires and bringing them onboard. Metrics play a huge part in how we quantify success but measuring quality of hire can be elusive. While there are plenty of metrics that talk about time to hire or cost per hire do they focus recruiters too closely on the process of filling a requirement at the expense of measuring the outcome for the business?

In this webinar we’ll take a look at some key issues around measuring quality of hire, dispel some myths around the metrics that we commonly use, and focus on how to create quality of hire metrics that are more relevant to the business.

We’ll cover the reasons behind turn-over and how to identify what’s causing turn over at your company and the speaker will offer some practical tips for pre- and post-hire strategies to improve quality of hire that you can put into effect today.

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, March 9 for expert insight into the usefulness of metrics and strategies that really move the needle on quality of hire.

Our speaker, Anwar Brooks, will share his deep expertise in developing and managing talent acquisition programs and analyzing quality of hire metrics.

Who should attend? Recruiters and talent acquistion professionals who are interested in improving their quality of hire numbers should join us on Wednesday, March 9.

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Presented by:

Anwar Brooks

Anwar holds a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership and has over twenty years of broad Human Resources experience in varying industries; providing support and leadership in both Employee Relations and Staffing functions.

Through the years he has spearheaded several strategic HR projects and initiatives that include Behavior and Performance Based Hiring Strategies, Quality of Hire Analysis, Retaining Top Talent and Leadership Development. Anwar currently serves as the Employee Relations Manager for MAA; a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust company in Memphis, TN.