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Quality of Hire: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Results and Be a Recruiting Hero

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As a recruiter, your quality of hire legacy is what defines your success. To improve your quality of hire track record you first have to improve your quality of applicants. From the basics of developing accurate and engaging job descriptions, to assessing cultural fit and competencies, you’ve got to develop a strategy that will consistently bring in the right person for the open positions in your company and keep them there.

This is easier said than done and the process begins before the job description is even drafted. Recruiters and hiring managers need to fully understand the intricacies and demands of their open positions, and be in agreement about what success looks like for a new hire. They need to then communicate this clearly to the right talent pools. Spending time over-assessing mediocre talent that leads to an eventual hire, that isn’t a good fit, is a waste of everyone’s time. High turnover is a consequence of a poor hiring process that leads to more of the same. By understanding what will improve quality of hire and having the tools to measure it, you can get a better handle on the hiring trends within your company and make the necessary changes to increase the retention rate for your new hires. These are the steps needed for you to be the recruiting hero your company needs.

In our upcoming webinar, you will learn industry secrets from an executive search leader who has 20 years of experience helping companies achieve the quality of hire they are looking for. This leader’s proven system has led to 95% of placements being retained by the companies that hire them, for two years or more.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why quality of hire is the number one recruiting metric
  • How to leverage a practical scorecard to measure quality of hire
  • How boring job descriptions hurt quality of hire
  • The number one question, that affects quality of hire, to ask hiring managers in intake meetings
  • Practical steps you can use to measure culture fit and competencies
  • About an assessment report option that will provide in-depth insight and make you look like a recruiting hero

For an insightful discussion with Paul Freed register for our free webinar taking place on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017. He will draw from his extensive experience filling hundreds of key positions for companies working to transform their organizations.

Who should attend? Corporate and 3rd party recruiters and recruiting leaders with a desire to greatly improve their quality of hire and who want to deliver more predictable and successful results to their hiring managers.

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Presented by:

Paul Freed

Paul is leading a movement for companies to reclaim the “Art of Recruiting” as a way to stand out from the pack and attract talent faster.  With 20 years of executive search experience filling hundreds of key roles, Paul has a front-row seat to see what works in today’s job market. Herd Freed Hartz, has been named 2018 and 2017 Top Northwest Executive Search Firm by Forbes Magazine.  

Paul leads the Art of Recruiting consulting division and is a national speaker on “Art of Recruiting”, Top Recruiter – Season 4, and ERE National Recruiting Conference (2018 – MC; 2017 – speaker).  He loves watching Shark Tank, travel (82 countries so far) and learning how to wake surf this summer.