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Make Your Employee Referral Program Work for You!

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An effective employee referral program provides extra eyes and ears for the talent acquisition team, and it also helps the bottom line. Studies have shown that candidates referred by existing employees tend to be a better cultural fit and remain for longer than non-referred hires. Those factors boost retention rates and reduce hiring costs and disruption.

Helping employees to source candidates is a great goal for talent acquisition professionals. However, understanding how to leverage the employee brand, and making sure that the business and employees share the same ideas about the goals of the program and the kind of employees being sought can be a challenge.

In this webinar we’ll take a strategic view of employee referral programs and explore how to design a program that works for your company, and your existing employees. In particular, we’ll focus on:

  • How to define what the program should deliver (it’s not just about hiring)
  • How to design the program to deliver what you need most
  • What are the key drivers you need to be successful (hint, it’s not just MONEY!)

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, November 2, for expert insight into what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to employee referral programs.

Our speaker, James Cleaver, will share his knowledge and practical tips for designing an effective referral program from the ground up.

Who should attend? This webinar is for talent acquisition professionals who want to improve how they leverage the power of employees to help recruit top candidates. Join us on Wednesday, November 2.

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Presented by:

James Cleaver

James has been in the HR and Recruiting space for 14 years, from recruiter and business partner to providing HR thought leadership. Having spent time around all things talent including temp recruitment, agency/executive search, RPO leadership, Business Partner and Performance Management, James is now helping build Aeryon Labs into the global leader in military, public safety and commercial UAVs (drones).

James has held various positions supporting the local and national HR organizations in Canada, and has put significant energy into the communities he has lived through various United Way campaigns and other charitable associations.