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How to Understand the ROI of Investing in People

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Articulating the return on investment (ROI) of People Practices is extremely challenging. Unlike other departments in the organization, the output of the People Team isn’t as directly tied to business outcomes and has few measurable outputs. Because of this, it’s difficult to demonstrate the absolute value of making investments in your talent or People Practices.

However, even small improvements in practices like hiring, onboarding, and managing talent can result in significant ROI for the business. In this webinar, Maia will use her previous experiences as a derivatives trader and CEO to walk through a framework and case study that helps to articulate the ROI of investing in People by using the concept of Employee Lifetime Value (ELTV).

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to articulate the ROI of investing in People

  • The 4 ways to increase Employee Lifetime Value (ELTV) in your organization

  • How to use ELTV to get buy-in from executives for the resources and tools you need

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Presented by:

Maia Josebachvili

Maia is VP of Strategy & People at Greenhouse and is part of the exec team that has led the org through 8x growth in just two years. She's pioneered the concept of combining the Strategy & People functions and doing away with the traditional HR dept. Her team is reinventing the role of the People dept in organizations—from driving the conversation on New People Teams to introducing a way to measure the ROI of investing in People.

Maia is a data-driven engineer with a deep understanding of finance from being a derivatives trader on Wall Street. As the Founder of Urban Escapes, Maia aggressively scaled the business, then sold it to Amazon-backed LivingSocial and grew it to a $12M business.

Maia has been named in Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30 and Workforce Magazine’s Game Changer of 2016. Her ideas have been featured in Business Insider, CEO World, and Fast Company. Previously, Maia was a pro skydiver with 750+ dives. She holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Dartmouth College.