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How to Recruit from the Beach — A Mermaid’s Mobile, Water, and Sand-proof Sourcing and Recruiting Toolkit

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Recruiter and sourcers are essentially connectors. We connect organizational purpose with talent. Our candidates are everywhere — on land, on mountains, on rivers, lakes, and the open ocean, but never more than six degrees of social connection away.

With so many options and so many channels, how do you navigate the crowded waters to make connections anytime, anywhere, even in the middle of the ocean?

In this webinar, we will discuss the ins and outs of networking and maintaining connections with candidates. The topics we’ll cover include:

  • How to network with people in Speedos: how to connect with people without a paper business card.
  • How to use basic features on your mobile phone to collect attendee contact info during networking events like trade shows, conferences, or meetups.
  • Free iOS and Android apps you can use to connect with people you meet every day, everywhere.
  • How to use social networks to professionally engage people you meet recreationally.
  • A basic workflow for integrating beach-collected data into a personal relationship management tool.
  • Relationship management tools, desktop-only apps and browser extensions to help you keep track of everyone you’re engaging with.
  • Recreational professional networking best practices.

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, November 4 to discuss how to network and maintain those vital candidate connections

Our speaker (and chief mermaid) , Lisa Amorao, will share her experience as a world-class networker and connector and provide tips and tricks for tools that will help you maintain relationships with potential hires.

Who should attend? If you’re interested in rethinking how you network, and learning about new tools to help you keep track of your contacts, join us on Wednesday, November 4.

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Presented by:

Lisa Amorao

Lisa Amorao is the Marketing, Communications, and People Engagement Manager at netPolarity, a Silicon Valley-based full-service staffing agency that provides comprehensive recruiting solutions to Fortune 1000 corporations in North America. 

While not currently in a recruiting or sourcing role at netPolarity, Lisa has picked a sport that requires perpetual sourcing and recruiting for unusual skill profiles.   

Lisa is training for a solo Trans-Monterey Bay crossing in 2016. At 24 statute miles and significant parts of the swim occurring over the Monterey Canyon, it is considered one of the most difficult swims in the world. Over 1,900 individuals have successfully crossed the English Channel. Only three human beings have done what Lisa is trying to do, all are accomplished channel swimmers.  Lisa really has no business even dreaming about a feat like Monterey Bay, but one thing she believes she has going for her is her ability to source, recruit, and engage talent to pull off the impossible.   


You can follow her journey by connecting on FacebookLinkedIn,Vimeo@Leese, or Instagram.