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How to give Hiring Managers what they want most: SPEED!

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What do hiring managers ask for most often? SPEED!

Delivering speed is key to success, but not all hiring managers are created equal. Some hiring managers can be unrealistic, unaware of what the process involves, or not understand how to best work with a recruiter. And some, of course, are amazing partners. All of them want us to deliver top class candidates more quickly.

It’s up to us, as recruiters, to work with hiring managers to close their reqs as speedily as possible, without sacrificing quality of hire.

In this fun, #willnotsuck how-to webinar, we’ll look at specific tactics for diagnosing:

  • Why reqs stay open too long
  • What role the hiring manager can (and should) play in improving time to fill
  • How we – as recruiters – can speed up the whole process

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, September 2 for expert insight into how to deliver the speed hiring managers demand without sacrificing the quality they need.

Our speaker, John Vlastelica, will discuss findings from his focus group conversations with hiring managers across the globe. He’ll share some of what he’s learned from training thousands of recruiters and hiring managers in talent advising, sourcing, interviewing, and/or selling.

Who should attend? If you’re a recruiter who wants to learn how to boost the speed of the hiring process and encourage your hiring managers to do the same, this webinar is for you. Join us on Wednesday, September 2.

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John Vlastelica

John Vlastelica is the managing director of recruiting toolbox, a consulting and training firm focused 100 percent on helping recruiters and hiring managers recruit better. Startups to big global brands -- including PepsiCo, Google, Nike, Booking, IKEA, Starbucks, and Pokemon -- hire his team of former recruiting leaders to build custom training for their recruiters and hiring managers. Learn more at @vlastelica