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How Simple Quality-of-Turnover Metrics can be used to Improve Quality of Hire

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Hiring top performers is vital to driving a business forward. While recruiters have access to plenty of metrics that talk about time to hire or cost per hire, to really improve performance, they need to focus on the outcome and not simply on the process.

Quality-of-turnover metrics may be overlooked but they provide a wealth of information. In this webinar we’ll be exploring actual turnover data and what it reveals about hiring practices and employee selection. Armed with this insight, attendees will be better positioned to get at the heart of recurring hiring mistakes and make improvements to the process that will reduce turnover and improve quality of hire.

In particular, our speaker will focus on:

  • How to evaluate quality-of-turnover and determine ‘poor performer’ vs. ‘high performer’ turnover that directly relates to hiring practices.
  • Examining actual turnover data to understand how it reveals (hidden) employee selection issues.
  • Understanding why most hiring mistakes occur and how to use this information to improve quality-of-hire.

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, December 7 for expert tips and insight into understanding the story that metrics are telling and using the data to improve quality of hire.

Our speaker, Carol Quinn, will share her expertise in interviewing and employee selection methodologies and how attendees can put them into practice.

Who should attend? This webinar is for recruiting professionals who want to use their turnover data to solve quality of hire issues. Join us on Wednesday, December 7.

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Presented by:

Carol Quinn

Carol is an international speaker with more than 30 years' experience in interviewing and hiring. She has taught thousands how to hire high achievers using motivation-based interviewing, also known as “MBI”. In 2004, Hire Authority was nominated for a prestigious award for Innovation in Delivering Breakthrough Solutions by their Fortune 5 client.

Carol's cutting-edge interviewing and employee selection methodology is used globally and has been endorsed by renowned management expert, Ken Blanchard, bestselling co-author of The One Minute Manager. In addition, Lee Cockerell, retired Executive Vice-President at DISNEY and author, dedicated an entire chapter of his book titled The Customer Rules to Carol and her hiring methodology.

Carol is also the author of four books (so far), and she has a passion for teaching others about the hidden power within our own attitude that can make amazing things happen.