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Gamification for Recruiters

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Digital approaches are transforming talent acquisition and gamification is a growing trend in recruiting. Done well, the gamification approach can provide a thought-provoking journey through a candidate’s aspirations and interests around job roles and career paths. Adding employer-specific competency assessments can help companies to gather valuable data to develop talent pipelines.

In this webinar, we’ll cover best practices for recruiters looking to use data and gamification to create strong social loyalty and engagement, and enhance a great employer brand. We’ll also take a look at ways for recruiters to use gamification within the workplace to help foster healthy competition and answer some of the big questions around data and gamification:

  • How Big Data is reshaping talent acquisition
  • Why ‘Know Thyself’ is crucial to every employer
  • How to leverage user experience approaches like gamification to attract and reward talent
  • How has “digital” changed talent, work, and the human condition?


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Our speaker, Jim Wexler, will share his extensive expertise in using games and learning simulations for major corporations and help attendees leverage gamification in their own talent acquisition processes.

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Presented by:

Jim Wexler

As President of Persona Labs, Jim Wexler is revolutionizing Human Capital Management ​with games that predict talent. Persona Labs’ talent assessments have benefited millions of job applicants in over 10,000 organizations.

An original pioneer of games for business, Jim brought the concept of game-based recruiting and learning Simulations to Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson and MetLife.   Jim has been featured in BusinessWeek, Forbes, The New York Times and CBS News. He has a degree in Semiotics from Brown University.