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Future-Proof Recruiting: How to Build Talent Pipelines for Today and Tomorrow

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You’re missing out on 74% of your potential applicants. Why? Because the vast majority of those who start the application process never complete it.

That means only 26% of interested candidates end up in your ATS. So what can you to capture and nurture the candidate leads who aren’t ready to apply?

Best-in-class recruiting organizations are increasingly focused on building pipelines of warm candidate leads. These talent pipelines allow you to source more effectively, reduce time to fill, and increase the efficiency of your overall recruiting strategy.

In this webinar featuring Chris Brablc, Director of Product Marketing at SmashFly, you will learn:

  • Why lead generation should matter to talent acquisition professionals
  • How to drive talent lead gen and create pipelines of warm candidate leads
  • The best way to develop your talent network strategy – from segmenting your database to running nurture campaigns
  • How to measure the success of your talent networks – what data to collect, and how to use it to fuel future success

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Presented by:

Chris Brablc

Chris is Director of Product Marketing at SmashFly, where he leads efforts from product messaging to thought leadership. With expertise in the areas of Digital Marketing, Social Media and Content Marketing Campaigns, he excels at cultivating influencer relationships and enhancing online brands with a focus on storytelling and messaging through channels such as social media, SEO and content creation. He is passionate about the recruiting space and was recognized as one of HRExaminer's 2012 Top 25 Online Influencers in Recruiting.