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From Faulty Psychic to Trusted Advisor – How to Manage Your Hiring Managers and Achieve Results

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To be successful as a recruiter, you have to build a strong working relationship with your hiring managers. That’s not always easy as hiring managers expect you to be part mind reader, part magician and always armed with a full list of qualified candidates – even though they may not yet have articulated what they really need.

If you find yourself running to catch up, trying to guess what your hiring managers need, or how to get time with them, it’s time to start building a more strategic and advisory partnership.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on how you can work more closely with hiring managers to get what you (and they) need. In particular, you’ll learn why and how to:

  • Use data to establish your expertise
  • Embed with the team to establish credibility
  • Ask the right questions of your hiring manager
  • Build an effective SLA
  • Report like a pro

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, July 6 for practical advice from an experienced recruitment manager on how to build a more sustainable and effective relationship with hiring managers.

Our speaker, Jim D’Amico, will share tips from more than 20 years in talent acquisition and HR about how to improve your hiring results by fostering the right kind of relationships.

Who should attend? This webinar is for you if you’re tired of trying to guess what hiring managers want, and you’re ready to build a more strategic, advisory relationship. Join us on Wednesday, July 6.

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Presented by:

Jim D’Amico

Jim D'Amico is a globally recognized TA Leader, specializing in building best in class TA functions for global organizations. He is an in demand speaker, author, and mentor, with an intense passion for all things talent acquisition. Jim currently leads Global Talent Acquisition for Celanese, a Fortune 500 Chemical Innovation company based in Dallas, TX, and is a proud Board Member of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals.