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Employee Happiness is No Joke

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In recent years, the discussion about the impact of disengaged workers on businesses has grown louder, and there has been a corresponding focus of attention on culture, rewards and recognition designed to boost employee engagement.

However, many businesses are in danger of confusing engagement with happiness. While it may be easier to spot, ‘happy’ does not necessarily equal ‘engaged’ and, in fact, engaged employees are more likely the ones who are pushing the envelope, flagging up obstacles, and challenging the status quo – not always a happy or comfortable position for employee or company. Nevertheless, those are the employees you want, and you need a culture that fosters fearless engagement and productivity to attract and retain them.

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the latest thinking on company culture, why happiness doesn’t necessarily equal high performance, and how to foster an atmosphere where employees are engaged and high performing.

Key takeaways from this webinar will include:

  • The difference between making employees simply happy vs. making them happy and productive
  • How culture spreads through an organization and how it can be managed to give you the best business outcomes
  • How to recognize what creates a culture of fear, and avoid the common traps that cause it.
  • How to ‘hire for culture’ and align your talent pipeline to maximize retention and productivity

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, September 7 for insight into company culture and how it influences productivity and achievement, for better or worse.

Our speaker, Cord Himelstein, will share his experience in developing strategic recognition strategies and memorable experiences that drive employee engagement.

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Presented by:

Cord Himelstein

Cord Himelstein has helped HALO Recognition become one of the leading providers of employee rewards, recognition and incentive solutions. Since 2007, he has been responsible for leading the company’s strategic marketing initiatives and communications efforts. Cord works closely with customers to help them develop measurable workforce recognition strategies and create memorable experiences for their employees.

Cord is also a recognized thought leader in the human resources community, and is a regular contributor to the company's corporate blog, where his articles have enjoyed national exposure through major HR publications including SHRM, Workspan, TLNT, Smartbrief, and Entrepreneur. Prior to joining HALO Recognition, Cord worked in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years, where he held senior positions with Elektra Entertainment and EMI Music Group.