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Candidate Experience: 4 Strategies for Improvement

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Candidates looking for new jobs know first impressions matter. At the same time, first impressions are equally critical for employers. In today’s candidate-driven talent market, it is vital for talent acquisition to ensure all candidate have an experience that is positive and respectful from the first to the last touchpoint.  Teams can partially measure their success when they get positive feedback from candidates who did not move forward in the recruiting process.

What companies are starting to realize is that a clunky application experience, confusing interview processes, lackluster communication, and no rejection communication creates a bad candidate experience. 

In a recent study, 60% of the participants reported having a negative candidate experience, with 72% of those with a less than stellar candidate experience stating they had shared their negative experience with friends, family, and online. Negative candidate experience can have far reaching effects for a company in a variety of ways. With online review platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed, each candidate experience has the potential to impact your organization’s ability to attract top talent now and in the future. In the current competitive talent environment, creating a positive candidate experience is a foundation of developing a successful hiring process.

It is easy to understand why candidate experience is at the forefront of all top-notch talent acquisition strategies. Competition for the best talent now runs across industries and borders as traditional companies like banks have as much need for tech talent as those tech giants in Silicon Valley.  In this webinar, Melissa Thompson, Principal Consultant and CEO of Thompson Talent Innovations will share best practices and strategies for improving the candidate experience. You will leave this webinar a few tools and tricks to help your company improved the end to end candidate experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Manage the experience: Candidates are doing more research on companies before they click the apply button.  Make sure the candidate experience reflects your culture and attracts top talent.
  • Update the core process: From job descriptions that are long and boring to interviews days that feel like marathons, Talent Acquisition has to examine and update core aspects of the recruiting process to create candidate delight.
  • Monitor the metrics: The best way to know that you are improving the candidate experience is to measure it at different points in the candidate journey.  Develop baseline metrics then work quarter over quarter to see specific and measurable improvement in the candidate experience.

In a world where candidates are also consumers and buyers, maintaining an exceptional candidate experience is not only a best practice for recruiting teams, it’s a practice with many implications for a company’s bottom line. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your strategic plan for candidate experience with an interactive discussion with Melissa Thompson on Wednesday, August 23, 2017.

Who should attend? Recruiters and talent acquisition teams who want to get out ahead of the competition by improving the quality of candidate experience. Leaders of recruiting teams who set the tone and SOP for attracting high talent candidates and then closing the deal. Everyone involved in the hiring cycle impacts the candidate experience and can benefit from a deeper understanding of the candidate’s perspective.

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Melissa Thompson

At Thompson Talent Innovations, Principal and CEO is Melissa Thompson, a seasoned Talent professional with more than 25 years' experience in HR and Talent Acquisition. Melissa has worked for tech giants like Dell and Citrix in addition to industry leaders like Aon Hewitt and Bank of America. She has a knack for getting to the heart of a problem and developing simple solutions.


Melissa Thompson is a strategic and collaborative senior executive with experience in Global Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. During her career, she has held recruiting leadership roles at Dell, Siebel, and Lenovo. Her background includes experience with RPO leader, Aon Hewitt, and global financial services giant, Bank of America. She obtained her Bachelors in Business from Austin College in Sherman, Texas and her MBA from University of Texas, Austin.


While at Citrix, Melissa built the foundation for a game changing Talent Acquisition team. Key accomplishments include implementation of a consultative recruiting model, introduction of RPO and direct recruiting models to support international hiring volumes and creation of innovative talent attraction strategies. Melissa is a results-oriented and collaborative talent acquisition leader with expertise in designing and executing innovative recruitment programs. In 2017, she launched Thompson Talent Innovations LLC to help organizations optimize their talent strategies.