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Developing Your Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence to Improve Organizational Performance

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In this webinar, you will learn how EQ, emotional intelligence, serves as the building block for professional success. It’s not a building block that’s isolated to a few professions or job roles. It’s just about as universal as a success principle can be. EQ, however, is widely misunderstood as something people either have or don’t have.  Join us for this webinar and get started with a development plan for your leaders, managers and key employees to help improve EQ across your organization. EQ can be learned, developed and improved. It’s a critically important core business skill, and as you see your employees reach higher levels of mastery, you will see higher levels of performance across a broad spectrum of business skills and professional skills.

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Chris Osborn

Chris Osborn is the Vice President of Organizational Strategy at BizLibrary, and he’s been a thought leader in the learning and learning technology space for many years. He is a proponent of a next generation of approaches to employee learning and development that encompasses technology and the requisite skills and core competencies for learning professionals in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment. BizLibrary is at the forefront of thought leadership in the area of next generation learning and learning content strategies and this thought leadership is being driven and directed under Chris’s guidance and leadership.