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Cut Through the Noise and Focus on Metrics that Work

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“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything.” Ronald Coase

How are your metrics? Are they helping improve your effectiveness and fine tune your talent acquisition process? Or are they a distraction that wastes your valuable time and resources?

All too often, we use a certain metric just because we’ve always measured that way, or someone else thinks it’s important. Without a firm idea of what really counts, it’s difficult to make the business case for the changes we need. How much better could talent acquisition be at your company if you could identify—and focus on—the measurements that actually make a difference?

In this webinar, we’ll take a long hard look at talent acquisition metrics and examine those that help you move the needle, rather than just tick the box.  We’ll talk through the practicalities of:

  •       measuring what’s significant vs. what’s not
  •       minimizing and mitigating distractions
  •       making sure that the data doesn’t run your life and inadvertently weed out good people

We’ll also explore how to design an effective metrics framework, and cover some best practices for working with business managers to discuss and develop the data that you uncover.

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, September 16 for practical tips and insight into using the right talent acquisition metrics to boost your numbers.

Our speaker, Dan Hanyzewski, will share his extensive experience with measuring and adding value to talent acquisition services. He’ll reveal some great tips to help you make the best use of metrics to improve your talent acquisition outcomes.

Who should attend? If you’re bogged down in metrics but not sure you’re getting the right data, or if you want to take a more disciplined approach to measuring your talent acquisition success, join us on Wednesday, September 16.

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Presented by:

Dan Hanyzewski

Dan is currently VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships for Award winning Sunrise Systems, a burgeoning Staffing Organization and Premier Supplier of talent to a great number of  programs. As a  Special Advisor for HCMWorks Inc.  he promoted an innovative approach to Total Talent Management Solutions and evangelized a shift in the value proposition that an MSP Program could represent. He previously was the VP Business Development for Sunrise Systems, recipient of the 2012 "Small Business Partnership Award" from Johnson & Johnson Office of Supplier Diversity and Kelly’s 2013 and  2012 Supplier Excellence Award, where he was  diligently working to aggressively grow this firm .

Prior to Sunrise, Dan was Director, Talent Acquisition for Nike, and was responsible for Nike’s Global Functions talent acquisition organization, branding , program architecture and management of their Global Contingent Labor Program, Assist!. This program has been benchmarked as a “Best Practice” Program for Contingent Workforce Management and Services Procurement.

Before joining Nike, he had been the Director of Worldwide Staffing for Lucent’s International Network Services business, and Director of North American Recruitment for iGate (formerly known as Mastech).

Dan has been regarded as an important resource and thought leader. Dan has demonstrated a consistency and an acute awareness of what is required to add value to the services he is chartered with providing.

An internationally sought-after speaker on recruitment, employer branding and contingent workforce management, he has been a key note speaker at numerous Talent Acquisition, HR and Professional Association Conferences throughout the world.