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Candidates: The Total Experience

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Candidate experience is at the forefront of all top-notch talent acquisition strategies. Competition for talent from rival companies and adjacent markets is making recruiting teams vigilant about managing the company’s public image and candidate journeys through the hiring process. Exceptional talent acquisition teams understand that a positive candidate experience builds mutually beneficial relationships between talent and employers. They also recognize that it bolsters their employer brand. In a world where candidates are also buyers and consumers, maintaining an exceptional candidate experience is not only a best practice for recruiting teams, it’s a practice that can be directly linked to a company’s sales numbers and revenue.

When your candidates are also your consumers, the candidate experience becomes even more impactful. Whether a candidate is interviewed or passed upon, hired or not, providing them with a positive perception about your company should be a high priority. The best recruiting teams know that candidates are marketing engines for their company and that candidate experience is about creating fans. When candidate experience is effectively managed, candidates will walk away from the experience with positive things to say about the company, whether they were hired or not. This will give the company better access to passive talent pools in the future and increase acceptance of offers by candidates already involved in the recruiting process.

Do your candidates walk away with a positive image about your company and your employer brand?

In this webinar, our speaker will share valuable information about the candidate experience and in particular:

  • How to improve content and forms of communication
  • Using message ambassadors
  • How information is exchanged between companies and people, not just candidates

Join our free webinar on Thursday, June 22 for great insight and practical tips to provide a better candidate experience.

Our speaker, Kimberly Jones, will draw on her extensive experience of creating effective recruiting strategies for diverse companies.

Who should attend? This webinar is for talent acquisition leaders and recruiters who want to improve their candidate experience and find ways to grow their candidate pools. Join us on Thursday, June 22.

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Presented by:

Kimberly Jones

Kimberly Jones is the Chief Executive Officer of Kelton Legend, LLC, a talent acquisition and diversity consulting organization.  Kimberly founded Kelton Legend after having spent 20+ years working for companies such as NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Northrop Grumman, GE Aviation, Raytheon, and Nationwide.  Kimberly has a wealth of recruiting and diversity experience, and has combined her passion and expertise in an effort to help companies and candidates solve their hiring challenges.  She has created and managed recruiting strategies for globally unique programs such as the Raytheon Polar Services, along with Homeland Security, and Department of Defense programs.   Kimberly is a graduate of Wilberforce University, along with holding designations in AIRS-CIR, PHR, and PMP.