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Candidate Outreach and Hyper-Personalization for Sourcers

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Hyper-personalization isn’t a strategy just for recruiting millennials, used in the final stages of the hiring process to seal the deal. In the current candidate-driven market, it is increasingly difficult to find, attract, hire, and retain highly qualified applicants. No one knows this better than those involved in sourcing. The long game of the recruiting process is getting to the finish line of an accepted offer. The short game is getting to the first “yes”, which is getting a prospective candidate to agree to opening the lines of communication with your team. Knowing your target candidates and what they are looking for in a work environment means you can appeal to their individual interests from the beginning and tailor your communications to effectively attract the candidates you hope to bring on board. This is especially important, and more challenging, when developing a talent pipeline that includes passive candidates.

Recent studies suggest 80% of candidates choose one job offer over another because of the personal relationships they form during the hiring process. With this in mind, hyper-personalization is a critical skill for any recruiter’s strategy. Engaging professionals with unique, highly personalized communication can give you the advantage in attracting applicants. For the passive candidate who may be reluctant to consider a career change, it is essential. Interestingly enough, hyper-personalization isn’t necessarily about creativity, but is more about anticipating how certain talent would prefer to be approached and then calibrating your communication to best suit their expectations.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Introspection and analysis of outreach
  • Leveraging your client groups to perfect messaging
  • Establishing cadence and timing of outreach campaigns

Don’t miss this opportunity to add horsepower to your candidate outreach techniques. Join Ashley Core and Steve Levy on Thursday, September 7, 2017.

Who should attend? Recruiters and talent acquisition teams who want to get ahead of the pack and learn how to engage, recruit, and hire highly sought after talent.

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Ashley Core

Ashley Core learned deep technical sourcing during her formative years in recruiting agencies, where resources were lean. At current, she is a Sr. Manager of Tech Recruiting at Salesforce, for the Infrastructure Engineering department. Prior to her current gig, Ashley built out and ran the Tech & Corp Sourcing team at Salesforce, over the span of 3 magical years. Regardless of the role she works in, sourcing and recruiting will always be a part of her world, as she is known to source and place candidates for her own team. Ashley's love of data, research, and sleuthing come from an educational foundation in the sciences, where she learned how to apply the scientific method to her thought process. You can connect with her on Twitter @ashleybcore

Steve Levy

Steve Levy is the VP of Customer Success at Within the SourceCon community, he serves on the Conference/Community, Hackathon, Grandmaster, and Welcome Wagon Advisory committees. His email is steve